Music generator update, the experiment so far

22 Nov 2020

Inspired by Lil’ Louis’s New Dance Beat, the goal was to build a machine that could churn out enough music to fill 24x7 radio stream. Music that would be listenable. Airport music. Chill out music. Hardly music.

The result: A machine that can generate random noise.

Lessons learnt

  1. I created the machine so I created the music. (Own it, don’t blame the machine).

  2. Don’t expect miracles from randomness. Shit in. Shit out.

  3. The possible variations of music are so vast.

  4. Music (and art) is a form of communication.

  5. Communicating randomness is not interesting.

  6. Good music has a tangible component that can spark memories, interest and emotion.

  7. To make good music is to tell a good story.

Good story telling requires context. It requires cultural and societal knowledge. A plot, a journey. It takes you somewhere. It makes you feel a certain way.

Whats next

Focus on story. How does storytelling relate to music?

I will attempt to build on the ideas of journey, emotion, beginning / middle / end, twists and surprises.

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