What is quality?

01 Jan 2017

The highest quality might be: the product that best fits the needs of the user.

Standards and best practices are always changing, design for change.

Some shifts in needs and expectations:

These changes improved the experience for developers and users.

Design the product and the build processes to expect and relish change.

Who is responsible for quality

A high quality product has many perspectives, here’s 3 key stake holders:

Each has an important role in creating a quality product.

Measuring quality in web applications

We define the term ‘quality’ using a more measurable list of categories:


Are users able to accomplish their tasks and goals when they come to the site. Not only that, are they able to do so in the best and most efficient way possible.

Does the website fulfil its purpose, has the purpose been clearly defined? (Calls to action/forms/CMS Admin/shopping cart. + Defining site objectives)

Usability also extends to the management of the website and the tasks performed by administrators.



Securness, resilience and privacy

User Experience

Subjective, user feedback required. Use actual end users.

Ideas to explore

References: http://mashable.com/2011/09/30/website-usability-tools/#I5hHpwNPOkqX

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