01 Sep 2014

I hear an echo
from an enchanted place.
It has the face of my imagination.

The echo is louder
when I'm feeling alone
Will I be shown alternative directions

The voice of the past
talks to fast for me to hear.
Is this the chance answer
that I've been proudly awaiting?

Now is the time.
This times for real.
This time is going to feel.

When the sky gods call you
with a crystal dropped into your hands.
The sparkle of your high life
will talk to a million fans.
I'm willing and I'm able.
A difference that has no meaning here.
For the world to be stable
I need to stand alone.

A gift of life to take for granted.
Delivered with no wrap and label.
No signature of fondest love.
There exists our final destiny
crushing desires of immortality

Broken minds in broken people.
Empty ideas from restrained and see through.
An insane world violently rejected.
So much love misdirected.
I happiness expected.

But from the glitter ball I sparkle.
Drawn deep into the hour glass.
Our time here is numbered
as I fall into a future past.

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